Tidal Wave Practice Change

    Hi Tidal Waves Swimmers and Parents!

    It was so great to meet all of your swimmers today and start getting into a practice routine!

    Mike and us coaches were talking after practice and decided to move around the youngest age groups practice time around so that we can better instruct them.

    So, swimmers 9 and younger that were in the furthest 2 lanes today will have practice from 4:30-5:15 for the rest of the practices at the indoor Northgate High School! All other ages will continue to have practice from 3:30-5!

    If this creates a challenge for you, feel free to reach out to me and we can try and work something else out for your swimmer. My email is [email protected] if you need it or have any other questions!

    Thank you for your support and positivity! We all appreciate it and are so happy to get the team back in the pool. 

    - Coach Mara, Coach Hope, and Coach Faith

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