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    General Meet Information

    Meets start at 6:30 pm.

    • Home Meets: Arrive 5 pm, Warm up 5:30- 6 pm
    • Away Meets: Arrive 5:30 pm, Warm up 6- 6:30 pm
    • Upon arrival, all volunteers should check in with the Volunteer Coordinator, and swimmers should check in with the coaches to get their race assignments.
    • At about 6:15, an announcement will be made that all meet officials should meet in a designated place, and that includes timers, runners, place judges, stroke judges, scorers, and starters. At this time, you will meet the officials (parent volunteers) from the other team and be assigned to your correct location.
    • The meet begins with the national anthem. Please remind your swimmer(s) of the proper behavior to be used at this time: no hats, stand quietly!
    • Volunteers take their places. The starter usually checks the timers, judges, and scorers to make sure that they are ready. And the meet begins!
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    Please plan to volunteer to help out at swim meets. We can't run a meet without volunteers.


    • helps parents to meet other swim team parents
    • helps parents to understand what is going on
    • helps the meets to run more quickly and efficiently
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    What to Bring to Meets

    • Positive attitude
    • Willingness to help if needed
    • Swimsuit - Speedo or "Jammer" suit for boys, one-piece racing type suit for girls. Blue & white are our team colors, so that is the preferred (but not required) color selection
    • Swim goggles - keep a spare pair; these are frequently lost or broken
    • Towels - bring several, especially on cooler evenings
    • Folding chairs - needed at most venues
    • Warm clothing - dry sweats are great for cool evenings and the ride home
    • Snacks or money for the concession stand
    • Water bottle
    • Distractions - books, games, something to entertain your swimmers and non-swimmers
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