Tidal Waves Team Suit

    Hello Tidal Waves Families,

    We have selected the team suit for the 2022 season. See the links below.

    The team suit is preferred, but not required, attire for all swim meets. It's nice way to build team spirit, and cohesiveness. If you'd prefer to look at other options we just ask that you wear a suit that is blue or blue and white, our team colors. Blue and White swim caps are also preferred. We are hoping to make Tidal Waves caps available, stay tuned for more information on that.

    The team suit is only required for swim meets. Feel free to wear any old suit or cap to practice. To see a complete schedule of upcoming swim meets visit www.northborostidalwaves.com/swim_meets.

    Boys Youth: iSwim Spirit Jammer Swimsuit Youth (22-28) at SwimOutlet.com

    Girls Youth: iSwim Spirit Wide Strap One Piece Swimsuit Youth (22-28) at SwimOutlet.com

    Mens: iSwim Spirit Jammer Swimsuit at SwimOutlet.com

    Womens: iSwim Spirit Wide Strap One Piece Swimsuit at SwimOutlet.com


    Mike Dicken

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